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The Crisis.

There is something deeply wrong at the heart of the UK equity market. It finds itself in a state of gradual decline – and will lead to a national crisis. Avoiding it demands immediate attention. Many factors, amounting to a death by a thousand cuts are to blame but are entirely self-inflicted. They include: prominent companies listing in New York, a scarcity of new London listings, and undervalued acquisitions of UK businesses. All have led to London’s global market presence shrinking from over 9% in 1999 to less than 4% today. Despite the government’s attempts to stimulate the market since 2020, the future remains very much uncertain. This ongoing challenge poses a significant threat to the UK’s influence in global equities markets and necessitates radical change. Some City commentators say it is already too late; others are asleep at the wheel and have not realised what precipice the City stands on. Some do realise there is a crisis but don’t know how to solve it. Make no mistake: this poses a real and undeniable threat to the UK private sector and the UK economy as a whole. Calling it a national crisis is no exaggeration.

The UK stock market is currently unloved, undervalued, and unappreciated.

The Solution? 

Digital Ecosystem:

A digital ecosystem of social media brands, investment communities, financial influencers, podcasters, bloggers, pundits, and accounts is a crucial requirement to enact a cultural revolution within the UK markets. This ecosystem should emulate the vibrant digital environment in the USA and comprise individuals who aspire to become influential voices in the British stock market. Capitalising on social media is crucial to solving this crisis.

The stock market needs voices and mouthpieces that are in the limelight.


To revitalise the UK equity market, the creation of a new stock market brand is imperative. This brand must focus on both branding and messaging to position the British stock market as ‘Cool, Modern, and For the Many.’ It should instill a sense of fun, adventure, freedom, and empowerment, emphasising words like “free,” “open,” “control,” “direct democracy,” “equality,” “activism,” and “redistribution.” Injecting politics and financial populism into the market will be essential to its revival.

Rebranding the stock market is a must.

A Sub-Culture:

The digital ecosystem will serve as the delivery mechanism for this new stock market brand, targeting British citizens aged 18 to 45, a demographic with a high appetite for risk. Activism and public lobbying should play a significant role in this ecosystem, following the footsteps of its American counterpart. The future influx of millions of people into the equity market will gradually foster a retail investor sub-culture, similar to what has occurred in the USA since early 2021. Small single-stock sub-cultures are already emerging in the UK, and the digital ecosystem will help form a sub-culture of retail investors within it, playing a pivotal role in revitalising the UK capital markets.

We need a culture that embraces high risk and high rewards.


Crucially, the digital ecosystem will regularly distribute free educational materials to educate non-retail investors about entering the equity market. Collaborating with brokers and media outlets will be vital in helping novice investors understand the market and participate effectively.

If a person wants to drive a car, they must first learn how to drive a car.

Through our campaign The People’s Market, Sociables Express aims to brand the stock market for Britons aged 18-45, focusing on millennials and Gen Z, both known for their risk appetite. We seek to introduce modernism, coolness, and ideology into the market through a digital ecosystem across social media, supported by free educational resources to convert non-retail investors into retail investors. By politicising the stock market, we aim to merge it with politics, activism, and mainstream media. Our investment scouting initiative will contribute to the creation of new listings, offering a comprehensive approach to reinvigorate the UK equity market. We will lobby for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to either pursue a public listing or embark on the path towards an initial public offering (IPO). The People’s Market is a political and ideological campaign.

It’s not the stock market, it’s the People’s Market.

While some may view our strategy of branding, social media, financial populism, scouting, and political engagement as unconventional, it stems from thorough research, data analysis, and feedback. Sociables Express firmly believes that this approach is essential to spark a cultural revolution in the UK capital markets, drawing inspiration from historical successes in the US from 1913 to 1929 and recent developments on Wall Street since January 2021. This is not a whimsical idea; it is a tailored adaptation of two successful campaigns that have yielded good results. The question the UK financial sector must ask is, “What other viable alternatives exist?

For more information related to our campaign The People’s Market, feel free to contact us for more information and material.

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