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Retail Investor Relations

Discover a New Era of Retail Investor Relations. 

Navigate the realm of Retail Investors, utilising the power of digital and social media.

Welcome to our Retail Investor Relations service, where we empower companies to strategically target and effectively communicate with the new generation of retail investors. Our independent advice and modern services provide tailored guidance on understanding and engaging with retail investors. From building RIR (Retail Investor Relations) campaigns, and deciphering trends to navigating investment communities, we offer advice to enhance a company’s outreach and capitalise on new opportunities. Trust us to optimise communication strategies, foster meaningful connections, attract retail capital, and unlock the full potential of engaging with retail investors in today’s digital age.

Our exclusive focus is on retail investors, with a primary emphasis on the UK market.

We work with listed companies, investor relations companies and in-house IR teams.

While every company fights for institutional capital, we help companies target the overlooked retail investor segment.

Retail Investor Focus Group

At the heart of our strategic approach is our exclusive private focus group, comprised of UK retail investors aged 21 to 57. This invaluable resource serves as a dynamic platform for conducting perception studies, gauging retail investor sentiment, and tailoring client campaigns to resonate specifically with retail investors. By tapping into the diverse perspectives within our focus group, we gain unparalleled insights that enable us to craft targeted strategies, ensuring our clients not only understand but authentically connect with the preferences and expectations of UK retail investors.

Our focus group serves as a valuable avenue for investor relations and public companies seeking deeper insights into the perceptions of retail investors regarding their company stock, financial performance, and executive team.

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